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Yitzhak Weissman, Lenticular Art

I was educated as a physicist, and obtained my Ph. D. Degree from Tel Aviv University (Israel) at 1980. My scientific carreer lasted for about 30 years, and was devoted to research in quantum mechanics and optics. During this period I published over 30 papers in the scientific literature and a scientific book titled "Optical Network Theory" (Artech House). 


Slowly my interest drifted to advanced displays technology, and in particular to 3D displays. My scientific activity gave way to technological R&D, and publications were replaced by patents. I developed a passion to create displays capable of presenting solid 3D objects in full color and without any visual aids. This led me to the lenticular technology.


Nowadays, graphical artists have access to a tremendous selection of digital images which can be purchased online with a few mouse button clicks. This is not the case with 3D graphics. To fulfill the need for a suitable 3D content I found myself creating it on my own, and soon I discovered the wonderful world of virtual sculpture. This form of art is still in its infancy, compared to conventional graphical art, but is being advanced rapidly by a community of talented and devoted individuals.

-- Yitzhak Weissman



2008: "The additional dimension", Shorashim gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009: "The Avshalom Cave", the 3D Center, Portland, Oregon

2013: "In the Eyes of the Beholder", Together with other artists, Lake Gallery, Raanana, Israel

2014: "Iron and Virtual Sculptures", Together with Reuven Gafni, Moshe Aviv Tower, Ramat Gan, Israel

2015: Bridges 2015: Connections Between Mathematics and Art Juried Exhibition, Towson University Center of the Arts Gallery, Maryland, USA

2015: Bridges 2015 Conference Exhibit, University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

2016: "Colors of silence", group exhibit of art inspred by Simon and Garfunkel songs, Tel Aviv, Israel


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