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My art

I create 3D digital content and print it using lenticular 3D technology.


3D digital content is a virtual body or shape. It is "virtual" because it has no existence in the real world. Instead of being made from real materials, it is represented by a binary file. As such it cannot be touched or felt but can be photographed by a (virtual) camera. The resulting pictures can be displayed like any other digital picture. I call digital 3D art objects "virtual sculptures". Using a special process of virtual photography and image processing I render the virtual sculpture to a 3D lenticular picture.


The critical stage in the making of lenticular pictures is alignment. This is done manually and requires delicate and precise craftsmanship. As in any manual process, there are small deviations in each picture, and therefore every one is unique.  


Although these two activities rely on entirely different tools and processes, they are closely related. For best results, the digital content must be carefully tailored to the characteristics of the lenticular picture, in particular to its size and the type of lenticular lens used.


To learn more about my art visit MY BLOG. Comments are welcome!

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