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Display of virtual sculptures

When you view a picture on a computer monitor you see tha same picture in both eyes. When you view a 3D lenticular picture, each eye sees a different perspective of the displayed object. This difference in views simulates a special mechanism in your brain called "Stereopsys", which creates the 3D sensation.

Certainly there is no way to create 3D sensation with a computer monitor without any visual aids. The best one can do is to present an animation in which the object is shown at different viewing angles (perspectives). This is how we present virtual sculptures over the web. It must be borne in mind, though, that the viewing experience of the real picture is much more impressive. In addition to being able to see the different perspectives of the sculpture, the Stereopsys creates a convincing illusion that one is watching a real, solid object.

The animation below illustrates this imaging method by showing a living room in which the 3D picture is hanged on the wall as an ornament. The appearance of the sofa, the table and the other objects changes with the perspective as it should. But note that the appearance of the picture changes too, as if it is a solid object, not a flat picture.

A viewer watching the real scene will see naturally the 3D presence of the real objects, but the picture will appear as a hanging sculpture.

loft art.gif

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